Dance / Theater

Christina Wüstenhagen  is a dancer, dance mediator and choreographer. In 2016 she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Dance, Context and Choreography at the HZT Berlin. Much of her current artistic work is interdisciplinary and site-specific with a focus on dance in all its diversity. Based on her interest in dance, media and researching new, interactive performance formats, she develops multisensitive and interactive installations, exhibitions, courses and festivals in collaboration with artists from the auditory, musical and media arts. Since 2018 there has been a synergetic, recurring collaboration with the choreographer Jara Serrano  and the associated association Wildchihuahuas. In addition, Christina is involved as a board member in the associations SuB Kultur and Dreitausend, with which she initiates and manages projects in cooperation with schools, theaters and institutions. Your creative home is the TanzTangente in Berlin